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Why LegalMatch Works: a Chance to Connect with New Clients
by Attorney Dustin Torres

LegalMatch consistently connected me with individuals that have legal matters and allowed me to help those people. It has given me the chance to spend more time helping people with their legal problems instead of spending several hours of marketing or recruiting potential clients. It has made me and my firm more successful by marketing to potential clients.

LegalMatch Does the Heavy Lifting, So You Don’t Have To

LegalMatch is a very organized way to manage potential clients and I think it provides a good SEO. LegalMatch has a good SEO which takes a lot of the work out of your firm in having to allocate resources to improve in your SEO. I personally like that when a client has a legal matter, that they will go out on the internet to get connected with somebody.

LegalMatch has a system to filter their legal needs and connect me with those individuals in an organized manner. In any process of having consultations with clients, you want to avoid spending too much time getting to know if a client is serious about a legal issue or if they’re just looking for general information. I think one of the benefits of LegalMatch is that somebody’s on the client side has taken the time to sit and type up a little bit about what they are facing, what their legal matter is.

When you first talk to the client or the potential client, it gives you an opportunity to have been briefed in some ways versus if you just get a phone call to your office line and you have no idea who the client is. One thing I really like is the organization of how the client files are presented to you with a little bit of the up front intake already done. It allows you to have a more meaningful discussion about the ways in which you might be able to help that person.

Making the Most of Your LegalMatch Membership: Reaching Out to Potential Clients

One thing that I’ve determined is setting an expectation with the client at the very outset about when we first send the response to them, that you’re prepared to give them a consultation of some kind. I would urge attorneys to make that pretty limited in scope. I’ve had a wide range of the types of clients that come through and some things would work out really well. They’re good clients.

I guess the suggestions that I would make is be very limited with your time when you’re sorting out who you want to work with. I just made a decision that I’m going to give a fifteen minute free consultation to get to the bottom of their issue and decide at that point how to best move forward with them.

Finally I would say one thing that is helpful is to not make everything an all-or-nothing proposition. Some clients require a full litigation engagement go in the distance to trial. Some also might require a limited engagement before filing suit that attempts to reach an out-of-court resolution. That’s what I have experienced over the course my membership.

I’ve done a good job in the interview process with the client determining what exactly it is they need and could best benefit from in their budget. I try to find a way to help them that’s mindful of the time I’m investing and mindful of the results they’re trying to achieve.

For example, a client could benefit from setting up a limited engagement of a certain number of hours at the front end before the decision is made to file the suit. Those pre-litigation activity sometimes, having an attorney involved, puts the pressure on the other side that you’re communicating with that there’ll be a cost to going forward in court. So it motivates the sides to come up with an out-of-court resolution.

Find compromises in ways that you can help clients that aren’t always looking for an investment of thousands of dollars. It’s important to recognize and find a way to monetize and ultimately help those people and not just turn them away and say sorry we can’t help you.

I provide civil litigation representation for individuals and small businesses and that’s the LegalMatch section I’m with here in Ohio. I also do wills and trusts, the estate planning on the drafting side of things. I also do some entertainment law and small business transactional kind of work, forming LLC’s, drafting and negotiating contracts for companies.

You Can Count on LegalMatch’s Customer Support

People that I’ve worked with that have been assigned to my account, have been extremely courteous and professional. They never forget to follow up and check in which is always nice.

Sometimes, I feel that I don’t have anything that’s incredible to say to them on those calls but it is nice to know that they check in and they care about how are you doing. They are always willing to offer a helping hand or support if there’s things that could make the process run more smoothly. I just want to say that I have appreciated the customer service that’s been involved.