Estate Planning

Our estate planning practice is dedicated to helping people throughout Columbus and Central Ohio to meet their personal and financial goals and to provide for their loved ones. At Torres Law LLC, we believe that the best estate plan is one that uses high quality legal documents and is customized to meet the needs of the individual client. We offer flat fee packages for both will-based and trust based estate plans.

We understand that when it comes to estate planning, one size does not “fit all.” It does not even “fit two.” From our first consultation, we will help you devise an estate plan that addresses your unique estate planning concerns. Perhaps you are a young professional or an entrepreneur just starting a business. Perhaps you have recently been married and are starting a family. Maybe you are approaching retirement and have adult children, and perhaps even grandchildren. You may be widowed, divorced or planning to remarry in the future. You may be a parent of child with special needs. You may have a relatively simple estate, or you may have a large portfolio of assets including stocks, bonds, real estate, life insurance, retirement plans and business entity ownership interests.

Like the majority of Americans, you may not have a plan in place that will put the law on your side to protect you and your loved ones upon your death. Torres Law LLC can help you develop an estate plan that will protect your heirs or beneficiaries from potential creditors, protect you or your spouse in the event you become incapacitated, ensure that the distribution of your assets to your beneficiaries is fair and according to your wishes, provide you and your family with tax savings when possible, and in some cases protect the inherited assets of your children from divorced spouses.

Our goal is to put the decision making in your hands. You deserve to have the power to decide who will receive your assets upon your death, what they will receive, when they will receive it and how they will receive it. Our attorneys will draft legal documents that put the full force of the law behind your decisions. We know you work hard to provide for yourself and your loved ones, and our firm’s estate planning services are designed to give you peace of mind that you have a plan in place to guard the future of those you care about.