Drafting Business Contracts

Contracts create predictability and encourage economic growth. Businesses and individuals enter into written contracts with the expectation of creating an agreement to which both they themselves and the other party involved will be bound.

It is important to remember, however, that the language of the contract is what generally governs an agreement – not the oral representations that the parties make to one another. For that reason, it is incredibly important for contracts to be written by a qualified attorney with knowledge of your specific facts and the goals that you have for the transaction.

Our firm has extensive experience drafting contracts for small businesses, individuals, and entrepreneurs. Our process is simple: First, we get an understanding of what our client’s goals are for the contractual relationship. Then, we assist our client in reaching an agreement with the other party. Once the agreement is reached, we draft the contract such that it puts the agreed upon terms in place, and is legally binding on both parties and the contract.

Our firm also reviews contracts provided by others. We assist small businesses and individuals in negotiating the terms of the contract, and we explain the practical impact of the language in the contract.